The Indian Space Organisation (ISRO) has launched an exclusive Educational Sattellite in 2004. This propelled a new scenario in Education in India. Initially the EDUSAT was being use by Consortium Educational Communication to deliver live lectures on various topics for the students of higher education through its media centres and later expended its network through Academic Staff colleges, different universities and colleges of potential excellence. The network is extended to colleges and North East by providing Receive Only Terminals (ROT) with broad infrastructure. The EMMRCs Satellite Interactive Terminal has become teaching and Classroom End for the EDUSAT programme. Presnetly the EDUSAT Network is being used to deliver lectures on demand where students can opt for topic period of transmission and even the subject expert of their choice if possible.


The EMMRC, Madurai EDUSAT network is very active. Recognizing its best performance it was ranked the 2nd position among other media centres and CEC released Rs. 4 lakhs to set up additional facilities. In 2005 Madurai SIT was included in the then Indian President APJ Abdulkalam Interactive programme and from 2007 onwards the EMMRC Madurai EDUSAT live lecture transmission started and sofar 21 lectures transmitted in various subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Energy and Environmental Science, Management Studies, Personality development, Mental ability, Motivation and Carrier Development which is multicast through VYAS channel and internet.

Apart from this, The EMMRC EDUSAT Madurai is the facilitator for IIRS Dehardun for courses in Remote Sensing. Large number of students and faculty are participating in the EDUSAT courses. So far we have hosted 9 such courses.

Students and teachers whenever they get time, they come to EMMRC to watch regular, EDUSAT and Vyas transmission, EDUSAT enables students from far off distance places to have live interaction with the course provider to clear their doubts on the spot which gives them the virtual feeling.


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