The University Grants Commission is the apex body of higher education in the country took initiate to utilize INSAT system for higher education through television as the medium has great impact on the society. In August 1984 the UGC INSAT TV project was set up to co-ordinate the ‘Countrywide Classroom Programmes’. Initially 11 media centers were set up at different states in various universities to CWCR programmes and later few more centres were added. Presently there are 22 EMMRC all over India which produces high quality video programmes which are transmitted through the dedicated 24 x 7 Vyas channel. Realizing the challenge for higher education system in India as India is recognized as a major force in economic world, by competing with the developed and fast developing countries. It is envisaged to increase the enrolment in higher education. The present structure of education even if expanded will not be able to enroll large number of students as the cost of expansion is very high, besides having acute shortage of teachers.

Realizing the potential of technology and the influence of media & ICT in providing mass higher education, the UGC/CEC with its Multimedia Research Centres are working towards providing technology enabled mass higher education. By successfully harnessing the TV channel for one way communication, EDUSAT Network for two way communication and internet for anytime anywhere without any cost, the UGC/CEC and its multimedia research centres are delivering the best quality higher educations to fulfill India’s vision 2020 to be the knowledge super power.


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