The Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Madurai Kamaraj University was established as Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC) by UGC in 1986 to produce the UGC Countrywide classroom program. Based on the performance, the centre was upgraded as Educational Media Research Centre (EMRC) in 1991 and is under Non-Plan of the UGC. The centre was re-designated as Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC) in 2005. It is one among the 22 media centres established all over India which produces high quality Educational Television programs. The main aim is to reach out the unreached students at the National level with quality higher education through ETV programs, E-Contents, Live EDUSAT lectures ,LOR (Learning Object Repository) and e-Courses.

Enrichment Program
The enrichment programmes are unique Educational programmes having multi disciplinary educational information to all section of Society. It deals with uses of immediate as well as long term concern
Video Lectures
The Centre has also produced series of Lectures in various subjects like ,English ,Spanish, Telugu, Chemistry,Commerce, Management,Physics, Sociology etc., and curriculam based lectures with multimedia inputs.
The Indian Space Organisation (ISRO) has launched an exclusive Educational Satellite in 2004. This propelled a new scenario in Education in India. Initially the EDUSAT was being used by Consortium for Educational Communication to deliver live lectures
e- Courses
With the advancement in ICT, the CEC New Delhi in collaboration with Media Centres organized ‘e-Courses through Virtual mode . With the blending of three technologies TV, Internet and EDUSAT
The NME-ICT is designed by MHRD/CEC to ensure that the E-Contents reach throughout the country. The E-contents are self learning materials packed in such away that, learners can learn at their own place and pace
1. The Centre organizes workshop and Training programs on’ Script writing änd e-Content development for College and University teachers


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